What is your relationship with Meras Financial and United Planners Financial Services?

Ioannis (Yo) Meras is an Investment Advisor Representative offering Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services through United Planners Financial Services.

Through his relationship with Independent Broker Dealer, United Planners Financial Services, Yo is not restricted to proprietary products. He is free to draw on the wide variety of options available from a full range of high-quality investment and insurance companies to build individualized plans and programs for clients.

What is your financial planning process?

Before we seek to understand your financial situation, it is important for us to get to know enough about each other to confirm that there is a good mutual fit. Then we listen carefully to your Desired Outcomes which are your goals, values, priorities and current situation and put ourselves in your shoes to provide recommendations we would consider if we were in your situation.

How do you receive compensation?

There is no fee for the initial discussion. If we mutually determine to work together we will implement strategies at whatever scale and pace you choose. You will be charged an ongoing annual investment management fee for these services.

Do you receive commissions?

We provide primarily fee-based financial planning and investment services through United Planners Financial Services. Commissions are only received if a client purchases a commission-based product such as an annuity or insurance.

How do you decide what your clients should invest in?

Creation of client portfolios is a highly consultative process and we make sure that we understand a client’s goals, timeline and risk tolerance before we discuss the alternatives and provide recommendations.

Do you require an account minimum?


Where is our money held?

In order to create a separation between the party that holds your money and the party that manages your money, your accounts are held at an independent, qualified, third-party custodian, such as Axos Advisor Services or Pershing.

How often is our financial plan reviewed and updated?

We meet with all our clients at least annually. Some clients prefer to meet more frequently and we are happy to do so! We also encourage you to let us know of any life-changing events that occur throughout the year and we are always here as a resource for you to answer any of your questions or concerns, and with few exceptions we will return your messages within 24 hours.